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Face Yoga

with Claudia Chantal Zackaria

10th September 2023 

10 am - 12.00 

Drawing on multiple ancient and modern disciplines Claudia has been training both professionals and students for over 20 years.


You're welcome to register for her first Face Yoga workshop in Shanti Home, open to professionals and non-professionals. 


During this blissful morning, you will learn how to lift, sculpt and tone your face with the most effective, tried & tested techniques, including an introduction to the meridians of the face, muscles & connective tissue. Drawing on morphology, we will also tap into the deeper meaning of what your face is teaching you and how to allow your inner beauty to radiate out.


Taught by former spa owner and creator Claudia, she will guide you through a 30 second daily protocol that you can easily integrate into your routine. The effects are transformative. Step into a moment of timeless zen just for you.

Early Bird until 31st August: 30€ - After 31st August: 45€


For info & Reservation




Claudia has been in the health, wellness & transformational healing industry for more than 20 years and is half Sri Lankan and English. She is the creator of an award winning luxury Spa and yoga studio, and has developed her own skincare product range and facelift yoga protocol. She is a dream and imagery practitioner and teacher of the School of Images (New York) and applies the work in her practice with clients and students. A yoga teacher over 15 years, she is trained in shiatsu, herbalism and Ayurveda. She teaches fermentation and healthy living courses, as well as retreats, workshops and trainings Worldwide and online.


You can find her on:

YouTube: Radiant Health Boost/Claudia Chantal Zackariya

IG: Claudia Chantal Zackariya

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