Mindfulness Meditation Course

8 sessions cycle with Valentine
from 7 September to 9 November 2022
Wednesdays 11.30 - 13.00


We will learn and practice the healing benefits and deep insights to be gained with the practice of Mindfulness.

We will gain skills to calm our emotional body and train ourselves to have skillful responses in all our relationships.

We will address our anxiety and fears for the future with kindness and cultivate ways of going forward with ease and strength.


On Wednesdays 11.30 -13.00

September 7 -  14  - 21 - 28

October 5 & 19

November 9 

Cost: 95€ for the entire cycle.

Location : Shanti Home, rue Darwin n°8, 1190 Bruxelles

Infos & Registration :

 If you would like more information on the details of the modules or have questions , or want to register directly,

please email: contact@valentinegoblet.com