Charlotte Haegelsteen 

Osteopath - pregnancy, mother, baby

"My journey into osteopathy began as a child. I experienced the benefits of the gentle cranial and functional approaches to osteopathy following various injuries.


Having completed a massage degree in Montreal, I moved to England to pursue my dream to become an osteopath. There I met my mentor with whom I taught the cranial approach at the European School of Osteopathy, completed a paediatric and obstetric diploma in osteopathy and gained experience in the treatment and management of pregnancy and the mother and baby."

Contact: 0032 472 93 46 00

Sebastien De Sa Neves Da Rocha

Ostheopath - pregnancy, mother, baby, adults

“From the College International d’Ostéopathie in France to the European School in Osteopathy in England, I gained experience and inspiration from teachers and mentors I met in Europe and in South America.


I developed a multidisciplinary practice in London where a team of osteopaths offered osteopathic treatment for babies, children and their parents. Alongside I have been teaching paediatrics in osteopathy.

My approach combines both structural, functional, cranial and visceral approaches to suits the needs of children and adults”

Contact: 0032 493 48 74 48