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plum village comes to Shanti

The day will start with a talk and continue with mindfulness training, deep rest , discussion & sharing.

What will we do?

Under the guidance of senior monastics from Plum Village founder by  Thich Nhat Hanh, we will experience mindfulness, deep listening and relaxation as a way to gain clarity and strength on our paths.  We will learn tools to strengthen our personal leadership and transformation.

Who is this day for?

This day is aimed to support people active (or seeking to be active) in climate, social or education work. It will be a day to pause deeply, restore our path and acquire tools to nourish our emotional and mental resilience.

Conscious Price - Donation 

Shanti Home and Plum Village are no profit organizations, therefore any donation coming from your heart will enable us to secure future teachings coming your way .
Price should not be an obstacle to attend, please find a suggested donation chart here below:

Support 75€

Sustain 50€

Community 25€

It would be a pleasure to share this day with you.

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