(from Sanskrit शान्तिः śāntiḥ) means peace, rest, calmness, tranquillity, or bliss.

OUR MEANING of home is a refuge, a place, a feeling connected with comfort, relationships, family, relatives, friends. A space for simple rituals that give meaning to our lives.

Shanti home wish to provide a refuge for personal growth and inner peace by offering yoga, meditation courses and massage therapies by qualified teachers and therapists

OUR VISION Shanti home serves as a space to host yoga and other like minded disciplines where various traditions of self realisation and healing can be shared.

OUR GOALS Shanti Home wants to Promote the principles of a yogic lifestyle & its benefits. Promote sustainable & mindful habits of health & wellbeing. Share and exchange knowledge & experiences from diverse practices and traditions. Encourage alignment with all of life – unifying mind, body, self and nature.

OUR VALUES Love, Gratitude, Harmony in Diversity, Honesty, Joy  Love – a loving relationship to ourselves.  Gratitude – expressing gratitude to life unfolding, to our families, friends and teachers.  Harmony in Diversity – welcoming the diversity of people, practices and traditions, and witnessing connections between them.  Honesty – be true to ourselves and to others.  Joy in everything we do.  

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